In order to do the work for you we will provide you with a costs agreement, which will disclose how we calculate our fees, charges, expenses and disbursements.

No Win No Fee*

We offer no win no fee services when we believe that you have a case that has strong or reasonable prospects of success. No win, no fee services are generally only offered to plaintiffs/applicants. 

No win no fee services may also be offered to employees who are respondents/defendants and are subjected to legal proceedings by their former employer.

What are no win no fee services?

No win no fee is an arrangement where our legal fees are not paid until a successful outcome is achieved by way of settlement, or court or other tribunal order. If you are successful you will need to pay our costs incurred in achieving the successful outcome.

If you are not successful you do not pay our legal fees, but may need to pay for expenses, disbursements and charges. While we may be able to proceed with your matter on a no win no fee basis, you should be aware that you will be responsible for any disbursements and possibly some charges irrespective of the outcome of your matter.

You should be aware that you may also be responsible for the other sides legal costs if you are unsuccesful.

Disbursements are costs that are paid on your behalf to others, for example barrister fees, court filing fees. Charges are costs that we incur in preparing your matter, for example photocopying costs. Some disbursements may need to be paid prior to the outcome of the matter. We are happy to discuss this with you prior to you entering the costs agreement.  

What matters can be undertaken on no win no fee basis?

The following types of matters may be undertaken on a no win no fee basis:

Ø  Unfair Dismissal,

Ø  Unlawful Termination,

Ø  General Protections claims,

Ø  Adverse Action claims,

Ø  Breach of Contract,

Ø  Sex Discrimination,

Ø  Age Discrimination,

Ø  Racial Discrimination,

Ø  Disability Discrimination,

Ø  Sexual Harassment,

Ø  Workplace Rights disputes,

Ø  Wills, Estates and Probate disputes, and

Ø  Debt collection and Debt recovery.

In what circumstances can we offer no win no fee services?

We do not offer no win no fee services to corporations, businesses or other commercial entities. 

We retain the right to determine whether your particular matter justifies a no win no fee arrangement or fits into a category that would justify us in proceeding on a no win no fee basis.  

Please contact us if you have any questions or for more details.

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